The Go Fund Me

Calling all true crime and mafia history fans! We need your help!

Made Men Production has started pre-production on our documentary series Chicago Outfit: Blood in the Streets. This latest installment takes a look at the actions of the mafia in Chicago from 1970-1985.

We will be in Chicago working with former associates/members of the Chicago Outfit to research and conduct interviews while producing this series in late April/early May.

In the meantime, we’ve come up with an idea that will rock your world! It’s called Pizza with the Outfit.

We realized that having these incredible historic figures close at hand would be a wonderful opportunity for inside scoops and personal stories… And why not have them tell those stories, in true crime fashion, over a meal of great Italian food?

Over a meal, our co-hosts will ask questions of our guests about their time working in/with the Chicago Outfit – and we’ll get their answers on film, just for you!

This show will be posted on YouTube only.

To bring this thrilling project to life, we need your help.

In order to pay for the meals with our guests, as well as lodging for our crew and professional editing, we need funding. The show may “only” be on YouTube, but we insist on having the highest possible standards for our production – and that costs money.

Every dollar we receive will help us ensure that we produce the best quality entertainment available for YOU, our viewers.

Of course, we’re offering fabulous rewards for any help you can give.

You will also have our gratitude and deepest thanks.