Made Men: Mike “Irish Mike” Byrne

My name is Mike Byrne and I’m 41 years old Chicago area resident. I run the Facebook group The Chicago Outfit-Old & Current News Articles. My interest in the Chicago outfit (mob) started as a kid growing up in the suburbs. I would hear my dad mention names like Tony Accardo, Sam Giancana etc. I remember him telling me his brother (my uncle) attended the daughter of Sam Giancana’s wedding. I saw all the mob movies like The Godfather and Goodfellas growing up and was surprised to see on the news and the newspapers various men who looked like someone’s grandpa getting hauled into the Federal Building with the headline “Mobster Indicted”. About 15 years ago I started doing my own research after finding ways of accessing FBI documents, articles, books, court cases etc. Also growing up one of my best friends father got mixed up with the outfit and eventually my best friend did too. Over the years I’ve become friends with former Grand Avenue crew associate and government informant Red Wemette and former 26th Street crew associate and son of mob killer and made man Frank Calabrese Jr. I’ve also become friends with the sons, daughters and relatives of several deceased top hoodlums who have been kind enough to share personal insight into their relatives.