Let’s Talk Pizza with the Outfit!

Pizza with the Outfit is a YouTube-type series where we bring individuals with some type of connection to The Outfit in Chicago to a location and, over great pizza, talk with them.

Perhaps they were associates in one form or another, perhaps they were members at one time, perhaps they are journalists who covered the Outfit, or even lawyers/law enforcement who interacted with them in one form or another.


Easy. I find the REAL history of the Outfit far more interesting than what any number of BS TV show dramas portray.

I want to know about the Chop Shop Wars, the alleged attempt to take over the Lake Geneva, WI Grey Hound track. What links, if any, happened between The Outfit and, say, Kenosha/Racine?

I also want to know how day-to-day life is different for someone involved with The Outfit (is it different than what our day-to-day is?).

What better way then bringing them to a relaxed place, over a great pizza, to talk to them about that life — and the REAL history versus the BS that the entertainment media wants us to believe.

The shows themselves will be our getting our guest on tape over a few hours and putting them on a dedicated YouTube/Vimeo platform. So, for example, a four-hour sit-down with Mr. Big will be edited into to many short segments — easier to watch versus a long 2-hour+ show might be.

We hope to shoot the first show in late April 2018 with Frank Calabrese, Jr.

To help make this happen, please donate to our Go Fund Me!

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