We Sold Hole Card!


As you might recall I made the Short film/pilot called Hole Card, this was filmed in Central Wisconsin with a cast of local Wisconsin Actors and crew.

I entered the film in six film fests around the world at to date it has made into 3 to date 2 in Wisconsin ( Wildwood in the Fox River Valley and Door County Short Film Fest)  outside Wisconsin The Miami Independent Film Fest, I have yet to hear from two others and will not until Fall. Those being New Orleans Film Fest and Bahama Film Fest. Chose New Orleans due to the Web Series contest and Bahama because why not ?

Best news is that one of the Actors bought the project from me, we will see what he may do with the project. The world is a big place and anything might happen.

I wish him the very best of luck and I am willing to provide what help I might be with my skill set in what ideas he may have with Hole Card.

The money will be used to improve on Pizza with the Outfit and other projects