All Mob all the time

Been a long, strange, trip over the last year.

2017 saw the death of my step dad, my mom, and my youngest daughter.

Took a greater toll from me then I thought — but life happens… as does death.

Facing what will most likely be the last few years of my life, I had to, in light of the above, come to some type of understanding of what to do to give not only meaning to my own life, but some type of income for my wife and myself.

After a few missteps, and observations on how well my first documentary film is being received, I have become convinced that documentary film-making on the Mob in the Midwest will be what I do from here on out.

Key to this idea was my working with Jason Love. His skill and honesty in our first documentary on Frank Balistieri (the last head of the Milwaukee mob as a powerful group) brought forth a fine film that can now be seen on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

We are moving into our second project: The Death of Allen Dorfman (the man who helped the Teamster money guy/mob associate who helped the mob “invest” in Las Vegas). This will begin filming in April 2018.

Then, next up will be the film Car Wars — a documentary on the Chop Shops and killings in Chicago (and related killings in Milwaukee).

We are also talking about doing a micro-budget campy Mob film with the issues brought up in our other films.

So it’s going to be all mob all the time! I love it. I hope you will too.

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