About Us

Made Men Production is a Wisconsin based media company, that using Ebooks, Film and Podcasting, will bring to life the history of organized crime in the Badger state.

Be it a documentary on Mob hits in Milwaukee to a Web Series on a ” Mob Family” and of course a look at some of Wisconsin sick killers Made Men plans on bring this to you!

The Podcast The Milwaukee Mob podcast will continue to bring you interesting guests with their own stories of crime! As well being a fan of good books and writers we aim to have authors on the show to talk their projects and hope to bring on experts to help anyone interested in doing writing/publishing themselves.

Our E books will cover all kinds of subjects from Recipes for a card game, to a series of E books on Corruption in the City of Racine, and we hope Death at Racine News: A Mob killing?

We will be very busy bringing you the the historic Wisconsin based true crime you want to simply exciting action Mob focused Web Series!